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Wenn Sie ausländische Literatur suchen, empfehlern wir folgende Bücher, die meist in englischer Sprache geschrieben sind.
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Irish Wolfhounds (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
from Barron''s Educational Series
Price: $8.99

I bought this book over 2 years ago before I bought my Irish Wolfhound. I wanted to really research the breed and know what I was getting into. For the most part, this book was very helpful painting a clear picture.
Irish Wolfhound's are the tallest breed of dog and they have a relatively and...
Irish Wolfhounds 2009 Square Wall Calendar
from BrownTrout Publishers Inc
Price: $14.99
The Magnificent Irish Wolfhound (A Ringpress Dog Book of Distinction)
from Ringpress Books
Price: $23.10

This is the most comprehensive dog book of any kind I have seen. This book contains excellent information for both the curious and seasoned breeder of Irish Wolfhounds. The writer's perspectives should provide a good foundation for owners and breeders in helping to promote the long term vitality and...
Irish Wolfhound (Comprehensive Owner's Guide)
from Kennel Club Books
Price: $14.57
Irish Wolfhound 2010 Wall Calendar
from Avonside
Price: $14.99
The Irish Wolfhound (1885)
from Kessinger Publishing, LLC
Price: $13.22
The Irish Wolfhound - A Dog Anthology (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic)
from Vintage Dog Books
Price: $24.99

I found this book to be a great disappointment the quality is very poor the printing on some of the pages is almost unreadable is is over priced to say the least I could not recommend it at 1/4 the price
2009 Irish Wolfhound Wall Calendar
from Megacalendars
Price: $14.99

The Irish Wolfhound: Symbol of Celtic Splendor
from Howell Books

This is a truly wonderful exposition of the IW breed. It is lamentable that it is now out of print and therefore so expensive to own. Even so, it is such a thorough compendium of Irish Wolfhound knowledge and lore that it is worth having.
The Wolfhound Guide to the Irish Wolfhound (Wolfhound Guides)
from Wolfhound Press (IE)
Price: $7.95
Irish Wolfhounds
from TFH Publications

I do not have an Irish Wolfhound, but wanted to learn more about them, because I'd like one someday. But at page 32 of 192 this book ceased to be about Irish Wolfhounds. It's just a generic new dog owner's handbook. The items (beds, collars, etc.) pictured are all too small for a large breed dog.... more info
How To Start Your Own Business Selling Collectible Products of Irish Wolfhounds
from CreateSpace
Price: $19.95
Irish Wolfhound Champions, 1995-2001
from Camino E E & Book Co
Price: $36.95

As with all of the books of this series, way too many misspellings and typos. It would help to have a person familiar with the breed to do some proofreading before publication. A regular proofreader would help, too - not all of the mistakes have to do with names.
Irish Wolfhounds 2008 Square Wall Calendar (German, French and Spanish Edition)
from BrownTrout Publishers
Price: $13.99

I love my Irish Wolfhound. Since they are kind of rare it is hard to find a calendar. I appreciate the fact that I can order one and never leave home.
The Irish Wolfhound
from PublishAmerica
The Complete Irish Wolfhound by Alma J. Starbuck 1970 Third Edition Hardcover
Boru: The Story of an Irish Wolfhound
from Wildside Press
Price: $39.95
The New Complete Irish Wolfhound
from Howell Books

This is an all round, complete, wonderful book on the Irish Wolfhound written by a man who is an acknowledged authority on the breed. He wrote the information for judges to use when judging the breed. How can this book be out of print? What is wrong with HOwell Book House, don't they know when they...
Irish Celtic Names for Irish Wolfhounds

collected by I. Schmid-Vogt
A collection of Irish/Gaelic Names for Irish Wolfhounds
The Little Namebook with over 650 Names, most with their meaning and pronounciation on
30 pages with celtic illustrations in colour
If you are looking for a name for your Wolfhound,
you find it probably here. Very useful for breeders too
The Magnificent Irish Wolfhound (English)

by Mary McBryde

Printed 1998, Ringpress Books - 336 pages

One of the best and most complete Books on Irish Wolfhounds, very sought after.
On history, Breeding and Genetics, Health, Feeding, also about famous Kennels worldwide.
Irish Wolfhounds (English)
by Beverly Pisano

1988 T.F.H. Publications

160 pages
The New Complete Irish Wolfhound (English)
by Joel Samaha

1991 Howell House - 244 Pages
A very good book on the Irish Wolfhound by the known American breeder and judge

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