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Wenn Sie ausländische Literatur suchen, empfehlern wir folgende Bücher, die meist in englischer Sprache geschrieben sind. Klicken Sie einfach auf die Bilder oder auf den Buchtitel und Sie kommen auf eine Detailbeschreibung.

Care of your Irish Wolfhound Pamphlet by the
Irish Wolfhound Society

The Irish Wolfhound -
A Collection of Photos & Pedigrees (1950-1990)
Elizabeth Murphy
Irish Wolfhound Pedigrees (1859 - 1906)
Captain George Augustus Graham
This Dutch artist and author has created a beautiful keepsake book - really a must have for every IW library. We are offering a special limited edition of books signed and numbered by the artist.
The symbolic imagery:
A young Patrick stands on a hill looking toward home just as he makes his escape from slavery. Embers glow and an Irish wolfhound accompanies him.

Wild geese fly overhead infront of a rainbow; shamrocks grow among the rocks. as well as make up part of the border. His various names are one the top, with a"P" adapted from the book of Kells. Celtic symbols comprise the border as does a verse from his "binding prayer".

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